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Transitional Living

Transitional living programs provide clients with a place to call home in early recovery.  These programs provide the tools and living skills to progress steadily toward self-sufficiency.

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During treatment, many clients realize the need for additional support. CADAS meets this need. Oasis is a sober living facility that provides an environment designed to meet the needs of individuals who want to give up old behaviors and learn to make healthier choices. Through the use of traditional group processes, therapeutic guidance and workshops, Oasis provides the tools for those seeking a better quality of life.

Should there be a need to focus on mental health issues commonly associated with addition, such as depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorder, CADAS is prepared. CADAS has a clinical psychologist available to complete mental health evaluations and determine the best course of treatment for the client’s mental health.

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Family Way

CADAS recognizes the special needs of women with small children. Trying to gain a foothold in recovery while parenting small children can seem impossible. The Family Way program at CADAS makes this seemingly unreachable goal possible.

Family Way has several closely monitored program requirements all geared toward helping the residents become better parents and productive members of society. 

Case Managers are on site to focus on the resident’s individualized progress and goals. Site supervision is maintained 24 hours a day. The typical stay at Family Way is two years.

A family coordinator is available to assist the children with their development. Referrals to Early Childhood Intervention, the Head Start Program and other community resources are made to detect developmental delays, speech and hearing impairments.

Family Way is a solid family-based program that offers success to women wishing to gain a substance-free way of life for themselves and their children.

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CADAS Sober Living Permanent Housing

Twenty-four single occupancy apartments for low-income individuals in early recovery.  Apartments are fully furnished with utilities covered.  Chattanooga Housing Authority will offer vouchers.

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