Council for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services

The History of CADAS:

CADAS was founded in 1964 by a small group of Chattanooga Businessmen and Clergy who felt a communal calling to help those afflicted with the disease of addiction.  For years CADAS has flourished and its reputation has grown as it has helped grow the community’s awareness of chemical dependency as a treatable disease.

Many of those who founded CADAS have passed away.  However, their legacy lives on in the work and lives of those individuals whose existence has been saved.  Countless individuals have been transformed because of the belief and trust of the founders and the philanthropy of Chattanooga.  CADAS remains the only nonprofit treatment facility in the region.  CADAS is ever mindful of the vision of the founders and work as trustees of their legacy.

CADAS Mission Statement

To Deliver the Highest Quality Treatment, Prevention & Educational Services to the Chemically Dependent, Their Families and the Community At Large Regardless of Their Ability to Pay.

CADAS Philosophy of Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction is a primary, chronic, and progressive disease.  The disease negatively affects the individual, the family and all others in the addict’s life.  Addiction creates and encourages denial, poor choices, emotional misery and physical deterioration. Left untreated, addiction will ultimately lead to death.  CADAS believes that the complexity of this disease requires a multi-dimensional treatment approach that focuses on restoring the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  We believe recovery is possible with effective treatment.

CADAS is committed to removing barriers to recovery; to breaking the bonds of addiction to alcohol and other drugs; to educating the addict about this disease; and to supporting and encouraging lifelong recovery for a healthier quality of life for all.  Treatment addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of the addict’s life and also provides an outreach to the addict’s family.  CADAS utilizes the 12-step model of  recovery and our interventions reflect this approach.  Relapse prevention skills are crucial for maintaining sobriety and CADAS is committed to aftercare support for the journey into early recovery.