CADAS partners with local middle and high schools to provide an evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention program. This program is designed to help teens develop the knowledge and skills needed to make better choices, mprove motional health and coping skills, increase positive peer interactions, improve family tiesand relationships, and help improve their overall behavior and educational success.

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Family Program

The prevention program also has a family educational component that highly encourages family participation.  These 2 hour Family Day Sessions are designed to keep parents, guardians, and other family members informed of what their child is learning from the program and gives them tools that will help their child continue and maintain their success once the program is complete. Incentives are given to those families who participate.

Other Prevention Services

In addition to the school prevention program, CADAS prevention staff is available for classroom presentations for alcohol and drug prevention.

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The prevention program achieves this through the use of education and experiential activities on topics such as:

  • Knowledge & Healthy Attitudes about Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs
  • Understanding the Difference between Substance Use, Abuse, & Addiction
  • Recognizing Consequences of Substance Use & Negative Behaviors that Stem from Use.
  • Goal Setting and Making Lasting Changes
  • The Importance of Positive Support
  • Improving Healthy Communication and Expression of Feelings
  • Developing Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries with Friends, Family, & Other Relationships
  • Refusal Skill Building and Relapse Prevention

Please contact Jeremy at (423)756-7644 (x201) for further information.