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Provide for family
One of the most common concerns for those interested in treatment is
“How will I provide for my family while in treatment?”
CADAS understands that treatment requires a unique and practical approach to helping folks begin a program of recovery.
The answer may be Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

"I have the pleasure of seeing people enter the Intensive Outpatient Program and turn their lives around. This program allows patients to remain at home with their families while addressing their addiction issues."

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Intensive Outpatient

Matrix Intensive Outpatient Model

Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs focus on:
– Understanding your addiction or dependence
– Being proactive in your recovery
– Creating a community support system
– Addressing family dynamics
-Creating a plan of self-care
-Establishing a plan for sobriety

Families also benefit from this CADAS program.  Clinicians work with family members to help them develop new communication skills and to gain insight into the dynamics of their family as a whole.

The Matrix program covers six key clinical areas:
– Individual/conjoint therapy
– Early recovery
– Relapse prevention
– Family education
– Social Support
– Drug testing

This program is for those who have had a history of stimulant use and/or have had multiple treatment attempts.  It is a proven effective, evidence-based treatment program which is comprehensive and multi-format.

This is a specialized outpatient program available for those whose lives have been impacted by opiate abuse.  Counselors, Nurses and Physicians meet with clients providing therapy groups as well as medication management.  

Program lasts approximately 12 months medically supervised detox using Vivitrol/Naltrexone and Buprenorphine.

IOP Schedule

Intensive Outpatient Program – Morning
Meets Mon, Wed & Fri at 9:00am – 12:00pm

Intensive Outpatient Program – Evening
Meets Mon, Wed & Fri at 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Matrix IOP Schedule

Matrix Outpatient Program
Meets Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri at 9:00am – 12:00pm

MAT IOP Schedule

MAT Stepdown Phases
Phase I –  26 Sessions – 3 per week – 3 hrs each
Phase II – 16 Sessions – 1 per week – 1 hr each
Phase III – 8 Sessions – 2 per month – 1 hr each
Phase IV – 3 Sessions – 1 per month – 1 hr each