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Family Way

Family Way is a family-based program that offers a sober, healthy lifestyle to individuals in early recovery from alcohol and drugs.

Trying to gain a foothold in recovery while parenting small children can seem impossible.  The Family Way program at CADAS makes this seemingly unreachable goal possible.

Family Way is comprised of 24 apartments that provide a supportive living environment for single pregnant women, single mothers,
single fathers and their children (up to age 11).  Apartments are furnished and ready to support residents that are ready to solidify their program of recovery.

The average program completion is around 12-18 months but may stay up to 2yrs.

Site supervision is maintained 24 hrs per day.


Family Way utilizes the 12-Step philosophy to create an environment that fosters a sober support system for residents.

Professional and licensed counselors, case-managers, and support staff are available to guide and assist the residents to
develop a program of recovery that provides the tools to maintain long-term sobriety and enables them to become self-sufficient.


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Family Way works with many community agencies to coordinate needed services for the residents to maximize their success.

The following program features are available to Family Way residents:

Individual counseling
Relapse prevention
Group counseling
Health and hygiene
Peer support groups
Family reunification
Trauma recovery
Art therapy
Life skills
Case-management/Discharge planning
Parenting classes
Employment readiness
Court services
Intensive outpatient/Matrix/MAT/Aftercare
Referral services
DCS, DHS, HCDE navigation
Child custody assistance
Permanent housing navigation
12-Step education
Resident activities
Child activities
Money management
Anger management