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Each month, CADAS provides comprehensive educational courses for persons convicted of driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, underage possession of alcohol, etc. This course educates students about alcohol & other drugs, abuse & addiction, and adverse physiological, psychological, & familial effects.

Each student receives an alcohol & drug evaluation; the results of which are reviewed individually with an A&D professional. If appropriate, referrals are made to address substance abuse problems, mental health issues, and emotional concerns.

CADAS offers classes each month to accommodate most employment schedules:
One 12-hour class is offered twice per month.
Students who have difficulty with reading or understanding written material should bring someone to assist with the assignments.

Anyone may take the course: DUI offenders, underage offenders, etc. Also, many parents enroll their teenagers to give them an understanding about the hazards of drinking and driving.

Out-of-State Evaluations:

Today, a person convicted of a D.U.I. or similar crime in another state is required to complete an alcohol & drug assessment. Our experienced staff is equipped to conduct these evaluations and work with clients to meet the necessary requirements for driver’s license renewal.