Day Treatment

Day Treatment is considered a partial hospitalization, allowing the client to participate in daily treatment activities, 8:00am- 4:30pm, with the residential clients and returning home in the evening. This level of care is for individuals who do not need the full intensity of the residential program but still need a structured, consistent environment to continue to build their foundation in recovery.

day374x249 Clients in this program attend the following therapeutic activities during the day:
• Meditation and relaxation classes
• Small group therapy
• One-on-one counseling
• Weekly care plan review
• Life skills workshops
• Video and lectures specific to substance abuse
• Motivational interviewing
• Relapse prevention workshops
• Therapeutic work activities
• Gender group counseling
• Recreation (walks, gym, seasonal activities, etc…)
• Family program activities

Day Treatment clients are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings regularly in the community in the evenings. Clients are able to maintain their family, home, and employment areas of life while participating in treatment and gaining feedback on working through everyday challenges in life.

Should there be a need to focus on mental health issues commonly associated with addition, such as depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorder, CADAS is prepared. CADAS has a clinical psychologist available to complete mental health evaluations and determine the best course of treatment for the client’s mental health.

Family program and visitation

At CADAS, family is a vital part of recovery from alcohol and drugs. Every client, as a part of his/her individualized treatment program, is given the opportunity to participate in a multi-day family program. Clients meet in a small group setting with other clients and the family counselor to start processing family issues and concerns at it impacts a client’s recovery. One day during the family week, family members are encouraged to attend (9:00am- 4:00PM) and start the healing process with their family member in treatment.

CADAS also conducts a weekly education program for family members of clients in the continuum of care. It is important that family members regain control of their lives and with the help of our counselors in group or individual therapy sessions, family members can learn to recognize the signs of addiction, set boundaries and find strength during the long and difficult recovery process.

In addition, the program helps clients and their loved ones see the roles that family issues play in choices and behaviors. Addiction requires a huge amount of energy from the family members, hence the classes help to explain to family members how they can experience recovery independence with their loved one in treatment

The CADAS Family Program is scheduled every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Family members may visit residents after attending the session (visitation time is 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm).
The educational topics include:
• Disease Concept
• Co-Dependency
• Family Systems
• Communication & Feelings