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Recovery from alcohol and drugs can be daunting and frightening. It can also restore an addict to a useful and productive life. At CADAS, all aspects of your recovery needs are filled through a variety of programs. The 28-day adult residential program is primarily focused on treating the alcohol and drug addiction but also addresses other areas of an individual’s life impacted by their use; such as physical, emotional, spiritual, family, and social.

Adult residential clients enjoy:
• Meditation and relaxation classes
• Small group therapy
• One-on-one counseling
• Weekly care plan review
• Life skills workshops
• Video and lectures specific to substance abuse
• Motivational interviewing
• Relapse prevention workshops
• Therapeutic work activities
• Gender group counseling
• Recreation (walks, gym, seasonal activities, etc…)
• Family program activities

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The residential program assists clients with re-establishing a healthy routine. Lectures provide information on the disease model of addiction, shame, anger, relapse prevention, co-occurring mental health and addiction issues, among other topics. The individualized program provides a balanced environment in which those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction can learn about themselves and their disease, learn new behaviors and receive tools to aid in overcoming addiction and regaining health, wholeness and hope for the future.

The adult residential program provides activities in a structured setting to help the client identify and process their chemically dependent behaviors and to learn tools to have a successful recovery program in the community. Each client completes a comprehensive assessment by qualified and trained staff. Once on the residential unit, a client will be assigned a primary counselor to work with throughout their stay.

CADAS boasts one of the most qualified counseling staff in the State. Many are Masters level therapist and social workers; still others draw from personal addiction experiences to offer the most comprehensive and current treatment options available.

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