Adolescent Residential

Recovery from alcohol and drugs can be frightening- especially for adolescents.  It can, however, also restore young people to a useful and productive life.  At the Scholze Center, all aspects of recovery needs are addressed. The adolescent residential program is primarily focused on treating alcohol and drug addiction, but also addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual, family, and educational areas of the young person’s life. The trained and professional staff at the Scholze Adolescent Center has helped thousands of youth find hope and freedom from alcohol and other drugs and regain hope for a happier, healthier and productive life. trans374x249

The Family Program

The family program is an important component in the treatment of addiction and ongoing recovery.  Studies show that involvement of family members in treatment is associated with the best overall progress with recovery of addiction as well as with consistent changes in behavior. The individualized family therapy program provided by the Scholze Center assists families in understanding the disease of addiction and how it has impacted their lives as well as their child’s life.  The child and family are offered the opportunity to address key issues within the family in a safe environment.  Additional therapy by the family therapist is available to the client after each family session to assist them in processing the impact of this disease on their family relationships. The family is also offered support by the child’s individual counselor to assist them in processing their emotions and fears, as well as in providing education to the family on skills needed to enhance their child’s ability to maintain recovery. The family program also offers a “Family Day” once a month to families of those in treatment.  This day long training provides families the opportunity to learn more about specific topics related to addiction and recovery, spend some quality time with their children, and then listen to various presentations by the clinical staff on what their child is learning about their disease and recovery.

While in treatment, clients also participate in:

  • Meditation and relaxation classes
  • Small group therapy
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Weekly care plan review
  • Life Skills Education
  • Co-Occurring Groups
  • Video and lectures material specific to substance abuse
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Therapeutic work activities
  • Gender group counseling
  • Recreation (including  exercise equipment, walks, gym, indoor climbing wall, and other activities)
  • Family program activities and individual family therapy
  • Traditional classroom activities


Aftercare is offered for one full year after treatment, meeting every Wednesday evening at the Scholze Center.  Adolescent clients residing outside of the area are set up with a local 12 step group, individual therapy, family therapy, and/or local school supports. adol1 The Scholze Center is situated in Chattanooga along a quiet valley road and provides a serene setting to begin the journey to sobriety.  This 40-bed capable facility, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a stay lasting up to 45 days.  The Scholze Center treats both male and female clients between the ages of 13 to 18 years of age, with a staffing ratio of 1 staff member for every 8 adolescents. Since mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and other co-occurring disorders are commonly associated with addiction, CADAS has a clinical psychologist available to complete mental health evaluations and determine the best course of treatment for the client’s mental health. adol3 Scholze School In addition to providing the most comprehensive and current treatment approaches available, The Scholze Center operates an accredited school licensed by the Hamilton County Board of Education and the State of Tennessee.  Clients in treatment attend school each day during the week so that they do not fall behind in their school work while at the center.   As a result, most post multi-year gains in reading and math skills during their stay. The Scholze Center School is accredited and maintains a high level of accuracy to ensure the adolescent maintains his/her appropriate grade level and builds on behaviors in the school setting.  School guidance counselors are contacted after a release is signed to have all necessary assignments and current school records sent to the Scholze Center. Testing is completed upon admission as well as at discharge to ensure the student receives grade level materials and that the student is completing on task.  If a problem is identified in testing, the student’s home school is notified to arrange further testing and if necessary, placement in special needs areas.  Each adolescent upon admission is required to complete educational assessments to determine the appropriate grade level. adol4

Scholze Admission Items

What to Expect the Day of Adolescent Admission