Intensive Outpatient

One of the most common concerns for those interested in treatment is “How will I provide for my family while in treatment?” CADAS understands that treatment requires a unique and practical approach to helping folks begin a program of recovery. The answer may be Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

At CADAS, morning and evening intensive outpatient services are offered to meet the needs of those individuals who do not require a residential setting. As with other CADAS programs, Intensive Outpatient services is dedicated to providing the basics of a long-lasting recovery program. We pride ourselves on providing structured supportive therapies, led by professionals focusing on the best clinical practices available.

Intensive Out Patient Sessions include:
• Group Psychotherapy
• Educational Sessions
• Family Education
• Individual Therapy
• 12 step meetings
• Clinical Case Management
• Random Drug Screens
• Aftercare Services for up to one year
• Relapse Prevention iop374x249

Enrolling in this program allows clients to live at home and continue to work or go to school while receiving treatment. There are three sessions per week and you may choose either morning or evening sessions to accommodate your schedule. Sessions usually last three hours

Families also benefit from this CADAS program. Clinicians work with family members to help them develop new communication skills and to gain insight into the dynamics of their family as a whole.

“I have the pleasure of seeing people enter the Intensive Outpatient Program and turn their lives around. This program allows patients to remain at home with their families while addressing their addiction issues.”
– Debbie Loudermilk, NCAC-II

Following an evaluation, clients may be admitted directly to Intensive Out Patient Services (IOP) for initial treatment or following either residential or day treatment services at CADAS. CADAS also offers services to meet the unique needs of clients with co-occurring chemical dependencies and psychiatric disorders.